Rivals Board Game: Mixing Battle Royale with Deckbuilding – Check Out Kickstarter!


Battle Royale, Alright, Unkind Games is bringing the heat with their new board game, “Rivals,” and guess what? They’ve hit Kickstarter, and it’s already smashing goals left and right!

The Lowdown on “Rivals”

This game is all about merging deckbuilding and Battle Royale vibes. Picture a futuristic world where you’re an Ashak fighting to save your clan from total doom. It’s you against 5 other players, exploring a map, grabbing resources, and boosting your skills through deckbuilding.

Game Mechanics Unleashed

“Rivals” takes you through three eras, each split into rounds and turns. You’ve got action points to navigate the arena, use cards for moves, and dive headfirst into combat. Oh, and here’s the kicker—the map shrinks as you play, adding a crazy twist to your strategy.

The Deckbuilding Dilemma

This game is all about those cards! You start with a basic set and can snag over 170 cards during the game. Wanna go all in on close combat? Or maybe play it smart with defense? Your card strategy decides your fate.

Bringing the Battle

Look, fights are gonna go down. Besides your deck, dice come into play for defense. Ever heard of Anticipation? It’s a slick move where you grab more dice for better defense. And with a map made of 43 tiles, your tactics get even juicier.

Get in on the Action Early

Before “Rivals” hits the shelves, you can jump in on TableTop Simulator to get a feel for the game. And hey, there’s a rad community on Discord too! Tournaments, strategy chats—everything to get you hyped about the game.

The Wrap-Up

“Rivals” is where it’s at, mixing deckbuilding with Battle Royale madness. Unkind Games is smashing their Kickstarter goals, and it’s no wonder! Futuristic worlds, epic battles—what more could a gamer want? Jump into the action and see if you’ve got what it takes to be the ultimate Ashak!

Conclusion: Join the “Rivals” Universe Now!

And there you have it, folks! “Rivals” by Unkind Games is the ultimate board game mash-up that’s turning heads on Kickstarter. With its innovative blend of Battle Royale intensity and deckbuilding strategy set in a futuristic universe, this game is a total game-changer.

Already doubling its initial Kickstarter goal and with 23 days to go, the hype around “Rivals” is real. Picture yourself as an Ashak battling it out in a shrinking arena, using cards, dice, and wits to outmaneuver opponents. The thrill of combat and the strategic depth of deckbuilding make this game an absolute blast.

Not only can you dive into the action early through TableTop Simulator, but the vibrant community on Discord is waiting to welcome you. Klik88slot. Engage in tournaments, share strategies, and get a taste of what this incredible game has to offer.

So, why wait? Join the “Rivals” universe now and be part of the excitement. Unleash your inner Ashak, gather your resources, and conquer the board in this adrenaline-pumping, futuristic showdown! With “Rivals,” the battle for survival and supremacy begins now.